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Getting back to basics

Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 3:52 pm
by work of art
I believe you can truly build your physique with the basics like squats,chest presses,dips military presses,pull-ups,deadlifts and there variations.Alot of people are looking for that one exercise that will magically get them the results they want.Learning the proper exercise technique and knowing how to increase the intensity of that exercise will get you good results.But without the proper amount of food and right foods you will not see results in either mass gains or definition.It all boils down to proper food intake and the kind of food along with proper application of the basic exercises and there variations will get you good results every time. A good book to pick up is THE BOOK OF MUSCLE BY IAN KING AND LOU SCHULER,at Barnes and Noble or Borders in the health and fitness section. One good quote from the book is,Though muscles are capable of growing more quickly than connective tissues are able to,the former can't get bigger until the latter do.Stronger muscles pull harder on the connective tissues,which then grow in response to that increased demand,and the bigger connective tissues finally allow the muscle to grow.