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Mountain Climbin' Momma

Posted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:36 pm
by Halfbreed
I posted this under diet and nutrition as well. But figured more people would see it here.

Interesting Question. My mom, at 48 years old, is planning on climbing Mt. McKinley in Alaska this June. She wanted my advice as to what she should be eating prior to the climb and during the climb to keep her energy levels and strength high throughout. This is a 2 week climb in ice and weather, carrying a large pack. She said that they expend about 4500-5000 calories a day on the mountain, according to the guides. I told her to carboload for about a week in advance, eat plenty of proteins so her muscles don't waste and she'll have free proteins to call on for energy when her carbohydrate stores get depleted, and before the climb don't eat too much or she'll get fatigued, but eat light snacks along the way that have simple sugars, carbs, and proteins, plus certain vitamins and minerals that act as a catalyst for metabolism of the other energy sources. Any other ideas/suggestions?