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When lifting heavy, do you dump the weight or rack it?

Dump it!
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Rack it!
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Post by adam45h » Sat May 03, 2008 1:00 am

Hell yeah, I hate having to remove all of the 10lb plates just to get down the 45lb plates that someone buried. I swear my gym needs to hire a baby-sitter for certain people who will tear the place apart if left unsupervised. Nice guys and all, just inconsiderate or sloppy, can't tell which.

Scott Ismari
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Post by Scott Ismari » Sun May 04, 2008 9:52 am

I hardly ever dump a weight unless in a pinning predicament or emergency like a muscle cramp or injury in progress. I manage to rack them or if I have a spotter, have him take the dbs from me. The only time I dump a weight on a frequetn basis is during a super heavy deadlift to save the back from over fatique, and I have pads on the floor anyway.

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Post by stuward » Sun May 04, 2008 10:10 am

Scott, it's good to see you posting here again, it's been about a year. Welcome back.

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Post by Mr_Schneebly » Sun May 04, 2008 10:26 am

I see this with alarming regularity in the gym I go to! Like someone else has said already, there's an element of ego to it I think, and I certainly think it's the case with the gym I go to. It's the university gym and is full of guys who preen themselves as they go round the gym and drop dumbells halfway through a curl that bounce all over the place. Considering the gym is the size of a broom cupboard and is always really busy, I'm surprised more hasn't been done about it!!!

Matt Z
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Post by Matt Z » Mon May 05, 2008 8:38 pm

Even if you need to dump, you should still have some control over the weight(s). Unless you just seriously injured yourself, there's no excuse for sending a pair of dumbbells end-over-end across a weight room floor.

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Post by KPj » Tue May 06, 2008 4:03 am

adam45h wrote:
KPj wrote:As a slightly amusing aside.....

The gym in question is a Fitness First if any of you guys have been to one. I can train at any fitness first (reciprocal membership). I use one about 30 miles from my home sometimes, just for dead lift sessions. They have a concrete floor and sometimes you even see chalk (gasp!).

Anyway, as a private protest, I made this other club my 'home club' - so they get the benefit of my membership money (they actually gave me a slight discount for doing it). So when I swipe into the one close to my home (about 5miles), they always say "you use this one much more, you should make this your home club, obviously you like it more etc etc". In which case I inform them that i'm paying the other gym, rewarding them for their common sense, but for the most part, i'm inflicting wear and tear on their gym, and paying them nothing, and I drink their free juice and coffee.

I openly say i'll continue to DL the way I do(they complain about it breaking the floor which it does) until they officially ban the exercise, throw me out, and tell them that if they fix the floor, I will change home club. They don't even care.

The best part is, someone else I know is about to do the same thing (he got into trouble for dropping the bar whilst DL'ing). He almost canceled, until I offered another, much sweeter solution (and it's the best gym in the area, unfortunately) When this happens, i'm going to say to them "oh btw, another person is now doing what i'm doing, and i'm out to recruit more and more protesters until all the members lifting in your club are paying another one for your troubles!

It's only a matter of time before theirs a new clause on the membership contracts... But it's satisfying none the less.

Read that in another thread a while back, really bothered me for some reason. This dude is bragging about messing up someone else's gym. I say never dump unless it belongs to you and you alone. Paying $20 a month doesn't give you the right to ruin equipment (which will in turn result in raising rates) for others.
Actually, it works out to be about $60 / month.

If you read the whole thread, or all of my messages in that thread I never said I agreed with dropping weights intentionally. In fact if your the poster I remember, then I REPEATEDLY stated that. My confusion in my gym is that they have abnormally heavy weights, but a wooden floor. The floors been broke since I started training their. What happens if you drop a 110lbs DB on a wooden floor, accidentally or otherwise? It breaks! And if you get guys in doing heavy DLs, what's going to happen to the wooden floor? AGAIN - if the gym didn't want guys who were serious about lifting weights, then they wouldn't have weights so heavy, as is evident in most other commercial gyms - their is a reason some gyms only have DB's up to 60-70lbs, and no olympic bars.

There's no level surface to lift on in that gym, that's what pi$$e$ me off about it.

And yet again, I train in a different Fitness First gym, 20 miles away for my DL days because they have a concrete floor. In fact, every other Fitness First I have been in (maybe about 4 different branches) have a concrete floor, hence why I don't get kicked out for taking the stance I do - they know fine well the floor is a joke, they're just putting of fixing it for as long as they can get away with, it's a bit of light hearted humour, I happen to get on very well with the staff in the gym. Clearly, from the post you quoted, i'm 'bragging' about paying another branch to train in the one in question, not 'messing up' the gym. And there's nothing dishonest here - the gym is perfectly aware of what i'm doing, it's a bit of fun.

In the interest of confusion, here's my viewpoint (again).
kpj wrote: I'm the same - Rack it.

Only dump them when i've no choice.



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Post by Manofsteel319 » Tue May 06, 2008 11:47 am

I have never had to dump. <---that sounds funny. Maybe I'm not lifting heavy enough or maybe its because I have great spotters. I think if someone is dumping weight to be macho first off its antimacho. How can being unable to controll a weight mean your tough? If anything it means your a moron who see's things differently. No offense to anyone who dumps but thats my opinion. I dbell incline b press with my gyms biggest weights (which are 75lbs) and I teach my workout partners to controll the weight bring em down turn them in then sit up and then lower them to the ground. I'm pretty sure you can injure yourself throwing weight as well so I don't. The only thing I would ever think of dumping weight would be dead lifts because my grip is going buuuuuut never have, yet.

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