Increased Muscle Definition

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Increased Muscle Definition

Post by amehta » Wed May 03, 2006 12:16 am


This question might help a few people here.

I work out regularly (plus i eat well), and since I started working out 1.5 years ago.. I have seen a great increase in the amount of muscle mass. I was quite skinny when I started out. I had a 10% body fat and now after 1.5 years, I am still at 10% but I have gained a lot of weight.

However, what i have noticed is that my muscle lacks the definition that can be seen in numerous ppl at the gym. My question is.. how do I work out to get more muscle definition, considering that I have only 10% body fat.

I have read that I should increase my reps/lower weights... but isnt that for losing fat?? (i have also read about doing the opposite.. but doesnt that gain more muscle mass??)

Are there any specific exercises that I should do.. I have read that a good exercise for shoulder muscle defn is Arnold press, for arms it is 21s.. are their any more?


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Post by Stephen Johnson » Wed May 03, 2006 7:38 am

If you have more than average amounts of subcutaneous fat, you won't have really sharp muscular definition even at 10% bodyfat. Most swimmers, for instance, don't have sharp definition even though they are pretty lean.

You might want to add 2 -3 sessions of HIIT a week to your program, and see what happens. Also, drink a lot of water. That might cause your body to flush out retained water.
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Post by strathmeyer » Wed May 03, 2006 8:59 am

Not enough information: How is your diet? How much processed foods and protein do you eat? How much do you weigh now and then. How many reps/sets are you doing now? If you want us to recommend exercises, we need to know which ones you are doing now.

Arnold presses aren't really magically better than regular shoulder presses; do whichever you like more. That'll work the front delts, then just find something that works the lateral delts and the rear delts, and that's all you need to hit your whole shoulder.

If you see someone in the gym that you want to look like, ask them how long they've been lifting and then just watch what exercises they do. And keep it up.

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Post by George G » Wed May 03, 2006 9:09 am

1. It is entirely possible that you are not really 10% body fat. Depending on how I measure mine I can be anywhere from 13% to 19%. Revisit your measuring methods.

Try a cutting cycle and see what happens to your muscle definition.

2. No specific exercise will do anything for muscle definition. This is basically BS.

3. ... u&pageNo=1

Mirror Training
by Christian Thibaudeau

When your goal is to get very lean and dense, including a weekly posing session lasting 30 to 45 minutes can really make a difference in your appearance. Hold each of the mandatory bodybuilding poses (there's seven of them, eight if you count the "most muscular") for sixty seconds and repeat the cycle two or three times. Concentrate on maximally contracting the muscles. Muscle control really is improved through posing and so is muscle tonus, thus you'll look denser and more muscular, plus it'll actually help you with your lifting performance!

Heavy and Hard
by Christian Thibaudeau

Heavy lifting increases myogenic tone (tonus) which makes your muscles appear and feel "harder." Take two guys who have around the same amount of muscle mass and body fat; one is using heavy weights while the other one is using "pumping" techniques. Despite similar body composition, the heavy weight lifter will always look harder and denser while at rest. The pumper will look great when fully pumped up, but will quickly deflate once he exits the gym. So if you want a permanent muscular look, not a transient one, include some heavy lifting in your program!

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Post by Merc82nd » Wed May 03, 2006 1:27 pm

Posing does work really good, I usually do mine after my workout. Just find a mirror some where and go all out vain on yourself. Make sure you stretch after this though, long lean muscles are much better than short cramped ones.. As far as muscle definition goes, I life heavy weights for low reps once a work out, then switch back to lower weights for high reps. I also super set everything and dont rest between sets. Ie: for resting the muscle (Pectoral) I do hanging leg raises. The walk in equipment serves as my "rest". I also try to do some type of cardio after lifting, even if I lift legs, usually anywhere from a 2-6 mile run or cycle if I lifted legs. Just lower your sat. fat content and try to eat organic foods, stay away from lots of simple sugars and sodium.
Don't forget to swim! You'll thank me later in life...

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