elbow pain at full contraction

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elbow pain at full contraction

Post by simfranboy » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:15 am

I wasn't sure where to post this...

Some while ago I tweaked my elbow doing chin ups. I've had ongoing elbow problems and I think it's a biceps tendinosis since it hurts on resisted flexion and supination at full extension. But it's most acute when I flex my arm to full contraction, so my forearm is right against my biceps. Does anyone know if these symptoms reveal anything about the particular injury, and therefore what therapy I should use? I'm wondering about the mechanics of actual contraction, and what's happening to the joint/tendons at full contraction. My experience with doctors on this kind of thing is that they're pretty clueless. For the moment I'm doing Zottman curls with light weights, since I've read that eccentrics are good for tendinosis.

Thanks in advance. Simon

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Post by brook011 » Wed Jun 04, 2008 11:46 am

Grip vertically a bar or something, and twist your arm clockwise or counterclockwise. Depending which way it hurts, thats which tendon is busted. I'd say stay away from any sort of pullups/chinups. Lat pulldowns have been working well for me, but healing a tendon takes a long time, its been almost two months and I'm still not at 100%.

edit: I AM NOT A DOCTOR, so take my advice at that. Forgot to mention that, I'm just going on my own personal tendonitis.

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Post by KPj » Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:40 pm

It would help to know what exercises hurt it.

As for the correct therapy - Doctors aren't useless for this kind of thing. Like every profession, there's good ones and bad ones, bad doctors normally just have a bad attitude.

Going to a GP with an overuse injury is kind of like going to a car mechanics to get a dent in your car fixed. It's where most people would start.Yes, they fix cars, but they don't deal with the body work. What a GOOD garage would do is refer you to a good body shop.

What you want is a good physio. I good GP with an interest in weight training would be better than a bad physio in my experience! Just to confuse things even more.

I don't know where your from or how things work. Here, in Scotland, everyone thinks you need to go and bother the GP with it, HOPING you'll get a referral. If you work and pay your taxes, you'll need to pay the physio per session. If you don't work or pay taxes, you'll get it for free.

Anyway, I always thought this was the case but it's not. Just find a private physio, call them up and ask for an appointment. Here, the price is the same anyway! If you ask around a gym you'll normally here about one and chances are they'll be good...


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Post by scs217 » Wed Jun 04, 2008 2:44 pm

Typically in the states you need a referral from your gp (pcp here) and then he will send you to the physical therapist. In lieu of that, icing the tendon often and taking motrin several times a day will help (unless you have some other condition preventing you from taking motrin).

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Re: elbow pain at full contraction

Post by Jungledoc » Wed Jun 04, 2008 4:24 pm

simfranboy wrote:My experience with doctors on this kind of thing is that they're pretty clueless.
Thank you. Since we all know that all doctors are just alike, this makes perfect sense. I'm guessing that you saw a doctor sometime, and he or she did not come up to your expectations. Well, that proves it; none of them will. So you might as well just write them all off.

Life is simple, isn't it?

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Post by kunalbh » Thu Jun 05, 2008 12:20 am

i have face problems with my elbow too. one of the reasons you may be havin a problem with your elbow is the lack of warm up. i suggest you should warm up properly and go for 2 prep sets and then your direct set. i myself had been to many doctors for the same none really helped. thats the time when i started doing my warm up properly
may be this would help
before you start your work out take a 5 min run on the tred mill
then do 2 prep sets first set should be like 25% of the weight that you normally pick up for your first set and the 2nd prep set should be like 50% of the weight you would normally pick up for your first set and then do your main sets. i would even recommend you to take care of your form while doing your biceps may be that could be the reason to

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