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Post by lclarkcal » Tue Sep 02, 2008 7:20 pm

Ok, guys, I give....I AM a are correct, and a certified personal trainer, through AAFA....And I do know what I am talking about by running tending to produce a longer, leaner look, although lengthening the muscles is not actually technically correct...My thought is that when I ran 40-50 miles a week, in addition to 4-5 days of weight training, and additional cardio, was that my fat burning was far outpacing muscle gain. When I first lost my weight and started weight training, of course I gained 5-7 lb for a month or so until I balanced it out with the cardio. And yes, believe it or not, I do realize that weight training actually helps runners, especially in the prevention of injuries....I have never had the skinny runner look because I am too short, 5'2", and too sculpted, weighing 115. I am petite but not skinny. I prefer to have an overall balanced look. Am not a fast runner, but have run two marathans, so my endurance is a plus. My problem now is that I don't run 40 miles a week, only 25-30, and only work out with weights 2-3 times a week. I have cut back on my diet, have gained about 5 lb, so I am opting for the additional cardio to get some fat burning....Believe it or not, running actually helps some of those tight, sore muscles incurred with weights, provided of course that proper warmup is done before and stretching afterwards. I really have to stretch the hamstrings. All I really meant is that after five years of continuous 3-5 times weekly weight training, it seems that any weight lifting I do now, especially lower body, results in a body building look, and, as some of you said, this probably means that all the fat has been removed.....thanks for the input everyone!!!

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