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Post by nygmen » Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:32 pm

tyler wrote:But I guess I'm asking did u wait the entire time to just go and hit up something else and then go back?
I think that is the point of the rant. Why should he have to wait or rearrange his plan because someone is using a piece of equipment for something other than it’s intended purpose? Especially when he wanted to squat in the curl rack, oops I mean squat rack.

I have belonged to 5 gyms. Only one had a power cage, and all but one had two squat racks. All five had two preacher benches, 2 EZ curl bars, two of those short O-bars, double sets of any DB anyone at these places has any right trying to curl, and one gym even had one of those metal things you strap to your chest and rest your elbows in to help prevent cheating. (My newest gym even has 3 cable stations for Bi’s & Tri’s.) All five also had almost twice the open space in the curl section than near the racks. This is ignoring the countless curl machines EVERYWHERE.

Its one thing to have to wait between reps so the ignoramus loading up the bar to curl next to you doesn’t get the bar slammed into his backside on your way up, because god forbid he notice he isn’t the only one in the gym. It is completely out of the question in my mind to have to rearrange your entire workout so someone can do 8 sets to exercise the smallest visible muscle in your body when they have half the floor to do curls in. I can only squat and DL in a small corner like an outcast. (I get looks like I’m a freak for going past a quarter squat anyway so I’ll be an outcast fine.)

I’m going to start box squatting on the preacher bench seat and superset that with EZ Curl Deads in front of the mirror by the bench. Will 260 fit on one of those bars?

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Post by Rik-Blades » Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:05 pm

:lol: Dont you just love a good rant!

I workout at home, so I dont get these problems, however I hate squats!!
Dont get me wrong, I do them, but I hate them, I often wish I was curling when I'm on that rep that comes close to getting stuck!

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Post by sickboy » Wed Oct 08, 2008 2:50 pm

tyler wrote:But I guess I'm asking did u wait the entire time to just go and hit up something else and then go back?
Well, I did light step-ups to pass the time. But I usually go directly from a short stroll in the treadmill to the squats. I got used to workout the big muscle group first, legs are always my first ex pull or push.

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