Ironing out Kinks

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Ironing out Kinks

Post by Ninsaki » Thu Jan 15, 2009 2:52 am

Hey guys!
Ive been working out for about a month now and as the title says im trying to iron out some kinks in my workouts. Im 21, 5'7 and weigh 135 pounds. My goal is to reach around 150 pounds. These are my workouts atm:
3 day split, Chest and back (a), legs (b), shoulders and arms (c) rest (x).

Chest and back:
Rear Pulldown
Dumbell incline benchpress
Seated Row
Bentover row

Warmup 5 minute run
45 degree legpress
Lying leg curls
Lever leg extensions
Calf raises
(unable to do squats, straight leg deadlifs due to back trouble)

Shoulders and arms
Warmup 3 sets of 40 pushups
Shoulder press
Upright row
Rear delt row
Bicep curls
Tricep extensions

With each exercise i try to do 3 sets of 12reps
any help with trying to reach my target weight would be awesome.


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Post by Ironman » Thu Jan 15, 2009 4:54 am

The only thing I see is you have 2 rows, you only need one. Also if you have a back problem, you should have a bench supporting you when you row. So either prone dumbbell row, or the 1 arm dumbbell row would be better.

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Post by pdellorto » Thu Jan 15, 2009 10:33 am

A couple quick questions:

- you can't squat or DL, but can you do single-leg variations? Generally, any of these will be better than leg extensions and leg curls: ... upplements

- You might want to try glute ham raises, too, if you've got a GHR or can rig one up. They're great for the hamstrings and gluteals, and don't stress your back - take that from me, I've had to lay off squats and DLs for a while due to a back injury and GHRs have helped me improve my leg strength anyway.

- You're doing 3 x 12 reps, and it sounds like to failure (if you can get 3 x 12, you up the sometimes you don't get 3 x 12, correct?). You might want to try a different rep scheme - aim for strength, and size will follow. If you do sets of 5-6 reps, and avoid doing sets to failure, you might be better off.

- You've got a bodypart split as well, which I generally see being used more by intermediate and advanced bodybuilders than by beginners or athletes. If you're trying to gain that much size and have only lifted for a month, you might do better on a total-body or upper-lower split. Even without squatting or deadlifting, you can get stronger. Check out the basic routines sticky in this forum, and look at the beginner's routines. You'll need to modify them to avoid squats, but it's still a useful guide to what a workout can look like.

Is your goal purely size, or are you trying to bulk up for a sport?

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