Increase Vertical Jump

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Increase Vertical Jump

Post by dhayes081 » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:33 am

Hey i just joined and this is a great site... I'll go ahead and jump into my question, I want to increase my vertical jump... any ideas?

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Post by TimD » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:56 am

There have been several threads on this, might want to do a forum search for the specific and varied replies, and several articles on this spread out on the internet. I know Dr Squats site has a pretty detailed program, as does T-nation, but I'll just list the gist of it.
1. Strength work. Basic work on the posterior chain and legs in the form of dquats, deadlifts, etc.
2. Some type of dynamic work to go along with basic strength. Plyometrics are good, the O lifts, especially the clean and snatch variations that use pullingoff the floor (which is basically jumping with a loaded barbell), powersnatches, powercleansand pushpresses
Coach javorek uses an interesting exercise to supplement his program for sprinters, jumpers, called a wave squat. He uses it in conjunction with regular squats. Done in blocks of 5, it goes like this;
4 quarter squats done with rise on toe, and the 5th rep is a quarter squat into a jump.
So, a prescription of wave squat done for 30 reps would be 6 blocks of these done all in a rowUsually done with around 20-30% of a 1 RM for the back squat. Just a few ideas for what you might want to add into your program, and don't forget, just plan old practice at doing a vertical leap will help. Dan John, in one of his programs has you doing low rep (2 or 3 reps) with a fairly heavy weight, and after your last rep, follow it immediately (after racking the bar) with some body weight vertical leaps.

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