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Need help on designing my program

Posted: Wed Jan 28, 2009 9:18 am
by Wouter

I need some help on designing my own training program.

Mandatory sports and activities in school ( + 'homework')
Monday: 1 hour basketball, 1 hour swimming, 1 hour athletics
Tuesday: 1 hour gymnastics
Wednesday: 4 hours of activities (they frequently change and can be rugby, listening to instructions, ...) (+ 1.5 hours gymnastics starts at 20:30)
Thursday: 1 hour volleyball, 1 hour soccer
Friday: nothing + (1.5 hours gymnastics starts at 20:30)
Saturday: nothing (I intend to go swimming in the morning)
Sunday: nothing

I want to implement 3 running sessions (1xHIIT, 1xendurance, 1x long intervals), to improve my running capabilities.
AND I still want to train, but I don't want to do any full-body workouts anymore, I've done these for the last 1.5yrs and I'm not looking forward anymore to training.
I'd like to change it up in a split workout but I don't know which I should choose: upper/lower, push/pull, 3-day split, ...
And I definately don't know when I should implement them, should I use an upper body workout when I'm gonna do gymnastics and should I use a lower body workout when I'm gonna run? Or is it the other way around?

I was thinking about this:
Monday: running
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Push/upper (+ gymnastics)
Thursday: running
Friday: Pull/upper (+ gymnastics)
Saturday: (swimming +) running
Sunday: nothing

Thanks in advance