Muscle Fibres and percentages of 1RM

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Muscle Fibres and percentages of 1RM

Post by daniel4738 » Fri Jan 30, 2009 4:02 am

In my current training phase I spend four week blocks doing the following. The weights are for my deadlift, weights for other exercises change.

week 1) 3x8 @100kg (220#)
week 2) 5x5 @110kg (242#)
week 3) 5x3 @130kg (290#)
week 4) test

Each set was performed with less than 60seconds rest, this is quite important as it restricts recovery of the ATP-CP energy system, shifting the load onto the glycogen energy system.

My 1RM, PR for the deadlift is 160kg (350#), but I found 3 sets of 8 at 100kg (63% 1RM) very hard. I had initially tried with 110kg but found it was too difficult so dropped the weight.

In the search for an answer I came accross this at Brianmac's site

It quite clearly indicates that I am of a fast twitch responder, but I am a very lean 72kg athlete who enjoys endurance activities. Indeed, I race in adventure races and last year competed in a number of 6-8 hour events and the year before in a number of multiday events.

Given the suggestion of the test, would I be better off training with low volume, high resistance and binning the endurance work? Would I ultimately respond better to something anaerobic like MMA (I also enjoy martial arts).

I am quite a competitive person and enjoy both endurance and strength work, I want to compete at the highest possible level I can acheive. But I am questioning the suitability of my training to my body type. Should I consider moving to a sport which is more fast twitch?

I guess I am just looking for some thoughts and suggestions. Also, what do people make of the test?

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Post by stuward » Fri Jan 30, 2009 5:28 am

I don't think deadlift is the best exercise for the test. There are to many moving parts. An isolation exercise will work better. You may find that you are different depending on the body part you test.

in any case, you should always give preference to training your fast twitch muscles. If you are fast twitch dominant, use lower reps.

You may be relatively fast twitch compared to most endurance athlete since you train with heavy resistance. Few endurance athletes would do that, mainly because they don't have the fast twitch to train.

If you enjoy what you're doing, keep doing it. You seem to be a generalist who's good across a range of activities. I see that as a good thing but it won't make you competitive against specialists. You are probably best at combination competitions like "pump and run", highland games or anything that requires strength and stamina. MMA would certainly fit in there.

The main reason that Dr.Squat differentiates between the 2 types is that slow twitch recover faster than slow twitch. Therefore you need a different training split for each type.

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