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Japanese pushups

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2009 12:55 am
by bob
I was talking to my friends wifes dad tonight. His name is James Joseph, an old time bodybuilder who used to train in Los Angeles in the 70's. He showed me a Japanese pushup. The best way to describe it is to visualize a pushup in a jacknife position or inverted V. Hands are held together in a diamond pattern, like the diamond pushup, feet touching, now in the jacknife postion, go straight down and touch your nose into the opening provided by the diamond pattern, now push back up.
But the way you get into the correct position is to get on the right knee (or left), and the foot of the other leg in front and to the left of the right knee. Now put the left hand directly in front of the left foot, then the right hand in front of the left hand. Keep alternating hands four times, then bring right hand even with left hand into diamond shape pattern. Now bring right foot even with left foot and touching, push straight up without moving feet and go into jacknife postion, then go down and touch nose into the open diamond pattern and push back up. Repeat.I could only do two. It's a challenging pushup! I tried to explain it as easily as i could. Sorry if i confused anyone.