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Opinions and advice please....

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2009 2:43 am
by rta007

I'm 41 years old and I have lower back problems which is minor disc buldge to be exact. I do weight training and treadmill run, jog, walk and etc and been doing it for the last 6 months. Now my goal is eventually to be a bit bigger than I am (is this still possible at my age?) and lose the fat. I had a big gut when I started and usually my shirt hangs over it but I have been working out for the last six months and now my shirt hangs off my chest and just a bit off my gut. I dropped 4 belt holes in that time (unless the belt was stretching) due to wiehgt training then treadmill then eating the right foods (well I try).

Now my question is, I don't carry very heavy weights, is this okay? For example I only do up to 60kg squats due to my lower back. I only bench 70-80kg max due to my tennis and golf elbows. Deadlift only 40kg again due to back. Basically I do weight training with less intensity compared to others and the treadmill 4km. first 2 is running at 7.5 speed and the rest walk, run, fast walk.

I figure, I am not competing and my doctor told me this as well but she said my sugar, blood pressure and basically perfect compared to when I was a couch potato. So why push myself too hard too soon.

Will I gradually but slowly lose fat and gain muscles with this intensity? I realize you have to lift heavy to grow but sometimes the joints ain't happy even if the mind is willing. I do intensify my lifts to the capacity I can though myabe 50-60% of the time. I am just confused because there are 1 million different opinions on the internet.

Can someone please give me a simple and concise advice....thanks

ps. pls take note that I do not compete, don't use supplements and I do eat normal food but not junk and time is limited per day.......

Posted: Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:41 pm
by Rucifer
Umm...I would probably post this in a different section...

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 2:05 am
by Jungledoc
Do you have any back pain when you lift? Some other symptoms? How did you find out you had the disc bulge?

If lifting doesn't CAUSE pain, then go ahead and gradually increase the weight. Many people have bulges in their discs, and having a bulge may not really mean much.

You are doing a really good thing in what you're doing. Keep it up. Keep learning about weight lifting.

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 11:51 am
by Halfbreed
You are doing a really good thing in what you're doing. Keep it up. Keep learning about weight lifting.
Agreed. I'm no a doctor who can give advice about back pain, golfer's and tennis elbow, but I do know that a moderate program like you are doing should be great for your body, and if you do decide to get a little heavier, harder, etc. with it, just listen to your body, it will usually tell you everything you need to know.

Posted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:02 pm
by Nevage
There's also other ways of increasing intensity without increasing weight like supersetting, increasing rep speed, increasing sets, decreasing rest time (to a degree).