Nike Free Trainer 5.0

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Nike Free Trainer 5.0

Post by VoK » Fri May 19, 2006 8:23 pm

I got these shoes maybe a month ago and so far, I love them.

In most fo todays shoes, there is a tendency to go overboard and limit the foot's natural movement. This, in turn, causes the muscles in the foot to atrophy from not being used, and overall, it limits an athletes ability. Nike's purpose in creating these shoes was to make it mimic the natural movement of a foot. Thus, they aimed to make it simplistic and let the foot's natural movements take over.

I mainly use these shoes as training shoes. Running 200m sprints, some track workouts, plyometrics, etc... I've also done some medium distance running, such as 3-4 miles. The very first time I ran a mile with these shoes, I could clearly feel a major difference. My feet were notably sore, compared to not being sore at all when I was running with other shoes.

BUt enough with the stories. You want a review, right?

Comfort: 9/10. You can wear these shoes with or without socks. Either way, the cushioning is great without being "mushy". Very good ventilation. Great for wlaking around in the summer.

Fit: 9/10 Some may want to consider going a half size up. I did not, but I was suggested to do so by a niketown salesman. Fit at the heel is very good. My heel always feels locked down. Foot feels close to the ground, giving it a nice and low ride. Only qualm I have is the toebox is a bit too roomy.

Ankle protection: 0/10 non existent.

Durability: 8/10 Some cosmetic stuff is already getting beat up. The paint on the front of the rubber toe guard is peeling off. However, everything else is holding up well. There have been issues with the heel part ripping, but that was with the running shoe, not the cros training show (which I have). Traction patter is already showing signs of wear, but pattern is deep and should last a while. Upper is made out of soft leather and should hold up decently. Standard double stitching on most parts.

Traction: 8/10 Tread is decent. Has very deep traction mattern. However, I haven't tested it on grass. On concrete and gravel, it works. Nothing spectacular.

Stability: 7/10 Know there is no ankle protection. Know there is no midfoot stability plastic. Know that you can roll the shoe up and put it in a mug! With all that info, I would presume stability would be terrible. However, Nike added some touches to make it a bit more stable than it should be. Forefoot strap helps keep my forefoot locked down. Heel is locked down as noted above. Nike also added some extra rubber to the sole on the outside edge of the forefoot. It helps keep your ankle from rolling, but it will do nothing once it starts rolling.

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