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what am i missing?

Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 1:05 am
by Amuary
I do body wieghts . Chin up , dips , push ups , reverse pushups(supine )
what can i do for my traps? is there any specific excercise that targets the traps without useing wieghts? also besides a burpee , what other excercise targets the whole body without wieghts?

Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 4:49 am
by Merc82nd
For your traps I guess you could try doing upside down shoulder shugs, but you'd get pretty dizzy after a while I'd imagine.

Try doing to stablizer exercises.
Ie; stand forward and bend at waist until body is at 90deg. angle, spread arms out to either side (should be parallel to surface), Kick one leg back (should be parallel to surface), then hold for 1 min with out falling, after you can do 2 mins with out falling, start doing one-legged squats from this position.

You can also just stand straight and raise one leg forward and do one-legged squats that way as well.

Incorporate different body exercises then isolate them onto a unstable platform to increase stablizer muscle tension. Next thing you know, you'll be doing cheetah flips backwards.

Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 8:52 am
by TimD
Hey amuary. Bwt stuff is great. Try the good old handstand pushup. Close to a military press, in that it involves shoulder girdle elevation and stresses the traps quite hard. I do mine against a wall so that I can let my feet touch the wall to aid balance.

Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 9:39 am
by GoLdeN M 07
The best bw exercises are handstand pushups, pistols, and hindu pushups.

Posted: Sat May 20, 2006 9:40 am
by GoLdeN M 07
u can try doing trap shrugs on the pullup bar going upside down with ur feet touching the roof and ur head pointing to the floor. And theres an exercise better and more advanced than the burpee which is the best way to build muscle endurance called the mahler body blaster. Trust me in 25 reps you'll really feel alot of muscular endurance. If u dont know what it is search it on google.

Posted: Sun May 21, 2006 1:12 am
by Guest
Whats pistols and Hindu pushups?