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3D Ankle Mobility video I found on youtube - safe?

Posted: Sun Jan 31, 2010 9:38 pm
by caangelxox

Instead of just the wall ankle mob where the knee goes over the toe and back, they have it on an incline for the side of the foot both ways.

what do you think? I know I need to get mobility back in my ankle when it wants to roll on its outside ankle so it wont swell up and the chiro would have to put a bone that slipped into the wrong place back in place. Before I sprained my ankle in beginning dance class last semester (first/2nd class due to poor foot strength always wearing shoes all the time), my foot was able to roll outward all the time without swelling up and coming out of alignment. Now everytime it does it, it swells up.

Will this video help bring strength and mobility back in? I want to make sure its safe before i do it again to get my foot normal again like it was before I sprained it a while ago and had to get a big noisy adjustment by my chiro.