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Barbell Shrugs with a mixed grip

Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 12:14 pm
by MattZ
Has anyone here tried doing barbell shrugs with a mixed grip (one palm up and one down). What is your opinion of this variation. With an overhand grip, hand strength becomes a limiting factor, and I don't like using wrist straps.

Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 1:15 pm
by TimD
I'd never really thought about it until you brought it up, but I see absolutely no reason why not, and I even see a reason PL types might want to do it to strengthen the traps for a heavy DL attemt.. Most use either a hook grip or mixd gip for the same reasons you described when DLing.

Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 1:16 pm
by Mog16
I've used a mixed grip before and while it does allow for more weight than a pronated grip I think it feels funny. I'm much more a fan of wrist wraps because you can keep the over hand grip and go rediculously heavy (no way in hell I can hold ~500 lbs with a mixed grip, let alone overhand).

Posted: Mon May 22, 2006 9:15 pm
by Ryan A
Yeah, I do this whenever I shrug or do heavy partial deadlifts.

I can hold as much mix grip as with straps for any range of motion other than just holding the bar there.

Straps can help for really high rep sets.

Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 2:16 am
by Mog16
hrm does that mean I have a weak grip? I have no probs doing the deads I do without wraps (~315 tops for now), but I can't hold on when I try and do shrugs (usually go a minimum of 350 and goes up to whatever the bar can hold).

Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 10:49 am
by MattZ
I like to alternate when I use a mixed grip. I'll do right palm up and left palm down for one set and then switch to right palm down and left palm up on the next set. Suppoedly this prevents you from getting an imballance between the right and left sided.

Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 10:53 am
by MattZ
It's unusual that your shrugging so much more than you can deadlift. What does your ROM look like? Do you pause at the top of each rep? How many reps per set? I usually use higher reps (8-12 or 10-12) on shrugs with somewhat less weight than I use for deadlifts.

Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 11:44 am
by Ryan A
I agree, I can usually not shrug what I can deadlift unless I use my legs to get the weight moving, then I can do ~500, while I deadlift 450.

But "as much as the bar can hold" is a lot.

Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 1:47 pm
by Merc82nd
Chances are is that your tensil strength isnt up to par with what you are carrying/ trying to lift. I cant say that I know many people who have a good amount of strength in their fingers and hands unless they are a rock climber, no mtter how "big" they are.

I use a mixed grip as well and just work until fatigue sets in; however, I have noticed that since I have been rock climbing alot lately my grip strength (in my hands and fingers) as well as endurance as improved 10x as much compared to when I just used freeweights and machines. Thus allowing for better lifts involving me having to grap/ hold something. Ie; shoulder shrugs, dead lifts, etc.

Posted: Tue May 23, 2006 9:54 pm
by Mog16
My ROM for shrugs when I go heavy like that is probably about 3/4 of complete and there is a little bit of leg action though I try and minimize that as much as possible. I counted last time I did shrugs and it was 565 (bar full with 45s and one set of 35s).

Posted: Wed May 24, 2006 6:22 am
by hoosegow
I use straps because my hands are so messed up. If I don't one of my thumbs will get dislocated when I do heavier pull exercises. My right one got dislocated shaking hands yesterday.

Posted: Thu May 25, 2006 11:12 am
by MattZ
I like to pause and really squeeze at the top of each shrug. Also, I use fairly high reps (8-12 or 10-12), since shrugs are a single-joint movement (as opposed to a multi-joint compound movement).

Posted: Sun Jun 04, 2006 12:16 pm
by Matt Z
So far, mixed-grip barbell shrugs have been working out well. I can go as heavy as I like without my grip becoming a limiting factor, although I have noticed that I need to use grip the bar slightly wider than I would with a regular overhand grip in order to maintain a full ROM.

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 4:41 pm
by WeissCD
Mix grip is good for the fact that you will be able to compensate for your grip strength. Personally, I'm not a fan of straps. I understand the value but I like developing my grip strength. What's a little pain in your hands anyway.

Mix grip is bad for the people who do not alternate between sets. Remember during a mixed grip, one hand is is supinated and the ohter is pronated. With a supinated grip you will have external rotation in your trap and vica versa. As your body develops, you will see a difference in symetry because of this.

Posted: Sun Jun 11, 2006 5:24 pm
by kevin harris
i dont do shrugs with a mixed grip because of my"fear/thoughts" that i am hitting the muscle at different angles. i dont htink that you pull with the same force with each hand if using different grips. i guess that you could alternate. WHAT ARE YOUR THOUGHTS ON THIS?

i made the mistake of using straps in my early training years so i have become a slave to them.