i need help

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i need help

Post by Guest » Tue May 23, 2006 11:27 pm

trying to put a routine together for putting on 10-15 pounds of muscle and im thinking a 3 day split
mon- chest triceps flat press, incline press, pec dec, lying triceps, dips
wed- legs abs squats, lunges, leg curls, leg extensions, side bends, ball crunches,reverse crunches,
fri- back biceps shoulders bent over rows, chin ups, extensions, deadlifts, preacher curls, concentration biceps curls, barbell press, shoulder shrugs,upright rows, reverse flyes
then next week i workout tues thurs sat
tues-decline, cable flyes,dumbell flat press, 1 arm extensions,triceps pulldowns,seated dips or maybe close grip
thurs- hack squats, lunges,calves,lying leg curls, weighted crunches, and some other abs exercises dont know what they call of my head
fri-rowing,wide grip pulldowns,t bar,1 arm rowing,dumbell curls, barbell curls,dumbell shoulder press, front side rear raises there r so many exercises i dont know where to start from

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Post by Merc82nd » Tue May 23, 2006 11:39 pm

Incorporate Hanging leg raises into your leg/ ab routine to hit those hip flexors up. Also, dont forget about Hip Abduction. http://www.exrx.net/Lists/ExList/HipsWt ... hor1938163
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Post by MattZ » Thu May 25, 2006 11:15 am

Looks like your doing a lot on Fridays.


Post by Guest » Thu May 25, 2006 4:57 pm

do u think 4 day split would be better i was thinking doing shoulders when i do my chest and triceps like 2 exercises and on back and biceps i would throw in another 2 shoulder exercises

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Re: i need help

Post by DJDaddyK » Thu May 25, 2006 9:47 pm

Anonymous wrote:trying to put a routine together for putting on 10-15 pounds of muscle and im thinking a 3 day split
first week mon wed fri then next week i workout tues thurs sat
My first thought was "God I hope you're not a beginner!" Cause that is a tough looking routine! I would think you shouldn't try something like that until you have been lifting for a few years (although others may not agree?). If you are just starting you can get a lot of results from a full body 3x a week routine. But judging from the exercises you listed you don't seem like a beginner so I am going to assume you can handle that load.

My other thought was "why M-W-F then T-TH-Sat?" Thats a real long time between Friday and the next Tuesday and then not much time from Saturday to Monday. Why not just M-W-F each week? Just curious...


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Post by Matt Z » Fri May 26, 2006 11:26 am

You could do a 4 day slip, or a squat/push/pull split. I just think it exhausting to do back, biceps and shoulders in the same workout, especially in you include deadlifts for back.

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