Resistance training for a 62 yr. old

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Post by TimD » Tue May 25, 2010 9:12 pm

Like Stu and the good Doc explained, vary intensities so that you can combine strength and some type of "general overall conditioning". Doc gave a good example, but here's what I do.I take a focus lift, Squat, and work it to 2-3 work sets of 5-6 reps. Then I do some lighter work with the upper body, in this case it might be 5-6 rounds of 10 each leg raise, P bar dips, and inverted rows, done with minimal rest. Rest a day. Next session would be Incline BP as the focus,and follow it up with a DB or KB complex. Personally, I like Javorek's DB complex I. Rest a day. Final session would be clean and Press, 1 each for one rep, done 5-7 X 3 reps, followed up with some DB or KB stuffcleans, snatches, squatpushpresses, or anything else guaranteed to get you breathing like a RhinoI'm not trying to gain strength at my age, or size, simply try to let what's slipping away, just slip away a little slower, but focusing more on a general conditioning effect; i.e building up work capacity, strength endurance. Lot's of diffeent ways of going about it.

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