The most important things I've learned in the gym

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Post by TeeBee » Mon Aug 02, 2010 3:45 pm

Got my first dumbbell/barbell set (Weider, Union City, N.J.) in 1968, when I was eight. Enough preamble: here goes.

Lift weights for yourself. There's been only one thing that never let me down in my life: weight lifting.

Respect the weights, and be kind to your joints and muscles.

Never underestimate the power inherent in real food.

Get enough rest. Go to bed early! (It's a lot easier now that Johnny Carson's off the air. . .)

Hold your head high.

A "bad day at the office" has no effect on your lat spread. Better times are coming.

Never stop thinking about what you're doing. You can spend your entire life lifting weights and you'll never have a day where you don't learn a little something about the body.

Flare those feet when you squat. (Is that too specific?)

Warm up. Thoroughly. (Especially when you get "old" like me, heh heh.)

Lend a hand.

Have fun. I lift weights out of joy; it's not a job. The feeling you get after a workout is the best I ever felt legally.

Barbells, dumbbells, machines (in that order).

Basic exercises are the best (squats, bench, deads). Learn to love these three if you don't already. (Hey, it took me a while.)


And spread the word!

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