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Squatting discomfort -> machines?

Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 6:20 am
by Magnus
The last couple of times I squatted I have had an uncomfortable feeling in my hip joint (I think). I wouldn't say it hurts but it feels as though there is a crick in the joint, or as though bones are grinding together there.

I thought perhaps putting my feet wider apart and turning them out at more of a 45 degree angle would improve matters, and for the first set today it seemed to, but for the second the feeling was bad enough to make me stop doing the exercise there.

I was doing 50 kg squats with the bar across my shoulders. I cannot post a video or anything. What I wonder is, if there are no suggestions to help this problem, can I do equivalent machines instead? Will this benefit me in strength and size as squats will?

Thank you