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Novice to intermediate, idiots guide/check list

Posted: Thu Nov 11, 2010 6:11 am
by RobertB
Hi guys,

Ok so I've done my stronglifts 5x5 - I've hit a point where I can't hammer my max lifts and do it again two days later, and I can no longer add reliable weights to my bench or OHP (or my deadlift because the max weight, bar included, is 160kilos :( stupid work gym) per session.

So... I bought practical programming, got my head around the volume/light/heavy that is suggested as the next step and considered the 5x10 bar speed fridays etc (I don't have the book with me now to give a solid quote, but essentially I got the impression that instead of 3x3 max lifts, do a light load VERY quickly 5x10 with accessory lifts(? or is it heavy on accessory and light with main?))

Anywho - this leaves me at a stage now where I'm going to plug my goals into this intermediate, texas method style program. I want to learn how to do cleans now, and the associated "power" it comes with in an attempt to speed up my lifts (something new for my body to adapt to I guess, main aim is better bench)

So here goes - a two week rotation

Week 1

Monday - Volume

Squat 3x5
OHP 3x5
Rows 3x5
Dips - form and frequency - adding weight later
Pull ups - --

Wednesday - Light
Clean 3x3
Bench 3x3
Deads 3x3
Light isolation* 3x12
Light isolation 2* 3x12

Friday - Heavy low freq
Squat - 3x3
OHP - 2x3
Rows - 2x3
Heavy Tricep** - 3x4

Week 2

Monday - Volume
Clean 3x5
Bench 3x5
Deads - 3x5
Pushups - as above with BW stuff, frequency until exessive then weight later
Pull ups - --

Wednesday - Light
Squat 3x3
OHP 3x3
Rows - 3x3
Light isolation* 3x12
Light isolation 2* 3x12

Friday - Heavy low freq
Clean 2x3
Bench 2x3
deads 2x3
Heavy Tricep 3x4**

* = I get the idea of wednesday and it being difficult for novices to accept it really needs to be light - so want to point out I understand adding 6x12 of iso should be done carefully - but essentially I will just throw in two iso a week with a light load to get me to "feel" certain places better - upper back being the main focus initially. It will also allow me to introduce new exercises and make the week slightly more interesting.

**= bottom line is I want stronger triceps, I am considering just rotating tricep exercises with a decent warm up, then going for heavy records on them, I will likely involve one light tricep exercise in the above mentioned isolation, in the hope this will contribute somewhat in volume (as opposed to just 3x4 once a week)

So - anything up/wrong here you think? hows the variation in volume? the intention wasn't to overcomplicate it with random values, but to stick to the lable of the days, volume at 80%, light at 60% aprox, heavy obviously going all out but with a goal of three rather than the texas template of variation between 1-3. Correct me if I'm wrong but I consider 3rm to be a more solid estimate of heavy lifting than 1rm - an obvious counter would be "3rm is good at finding out how heavy you can lift something three times, where as 1rm is good for, you know, finding out how heavy you can lift something once" - but in terms of stress and adaption, I presume this will work toward improving form at heavy/close to max weights.

To be clear on goals - All I want this year is to rubberstamp the values listed here as an intermediate (minus the clean), anything else is a luxuary (but a nice one would be getting good form and progress on the clean)