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Foot arch difference

Posted: Mon Nov 15, 2010 1:31 am
by KeepOnRunnin
So I've never really had problems with my foot arch in the past or at least nothing that I could feel like their was a difference, but lately its been kind of awkward. One of my foot arches feels slightly higher than the other one and so I did the paper bag/wet foot test on both and there was a noticeable difference.
I've been rolling my feet on a tennis ball everyday and trying to stretch them as much as possible. Its nothing serious were I have any pain, I can just notice the difference when I walk barefoot. I don't believe this is Plantar Fasciitis because I don't have any pain, the arch just feels slightly tight. The other day, the tennis ball really loosened it up and the arches felt about the same for a short period of time or it could have just been all mental from rolling my foot on the tennis ball for so long. I've been wearing Dr. School's orthopedics insoles for some time and recently bought the company's Knee specific ones where they help align your step (I usually overpronate when I walk/run). Any suggestions on what to do or what this could be?

Email notification Q: I always check the "Notify me when a reply is poster" and have checked Yes in my profile to receive emails as well as I have checked my span box, yet I haven't ever been notified when someone posts a reply to my threads. Any reason for that?

- Thanks for the help