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insanity is p90x or what?

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:20 am
by Immortal ... re=related

what do you guys think, think its a rip off?

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:21 am
by Pathoslogical
Well, besides the obvious time frame difference (insanity takes 60 days, p90x is 90), they look, and, I assume, work, similar to each other. Insanity seems to be more cardio-intensive.

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 4:58 am
by NightFaLL
They look like they give actual realistic before/after pics, though, so that's good. I was waiting for them to show fat to jacked in 60 days but it's mostly normal to a little bit better in 60 days.

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:36 am
by TimD
I've never seen that infomercial before, but it looks to be very similar to the Firm, P90X, Crossfit and others that combine most aspects of fitness; i.e. HIIT Cardio, strength endurance, some basic strength, flexibility, and all of them work. I don't think it's a rip off, but results will be limited by YOUR input and desire to carry it out to the fullest. If you have a good background, you could put a routine together yourself with no problem and save your money.

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 8:57 am
by stuward
P90X and Intensity are 2 different programs from They also do the turboJam program. Some people work better watching someone else do the exercise with them. That's fine if the workout meets your needs at this particular time. In my opinion, they're all a waste of money. Any of the recommended programs here will do you better and they're free. Part of the problem is this type of training is you are simply doing exercise for the sake of doing exercise. Exercise is a means to an end, not an end in itself. You need to be in control of the inputs into your body whether it's food, exercise or recovery and you need to determine what's needed at any specific time. if you're not capable of that, maybe whaching someone else do exercises will help you but I don't see that it promotes self sufficiency or will get you to be the best you can be. At best it will stop short of what you are capable of, at worst it will cause injury due to some movement or activity your body isn't suited for right now. Most likely it will simply become boring and eventually just be another expensive peice of junk to get rid of at the next yard sale.

Edit: Sorry for the rant. My wife just bought P90X and it's a sore point.

Re: insanity is p90x or what?

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 9:14 am
by Kenny Croxdale
Immortal wrote: ... re=related

what do you guys think, think its a rip off?
"Method change. Principles remain the same." Cosgove.

The most effective method of buring body fat is high intensity training that eleveates your heart rate above 75% of your heart rate max.

The higher you drive your heart rate during your interval training, the longer you metabolism is eleveated, EPOC--Excess Post Oxygen Consumption.

In other word, the greater the intensity the more fat you burn.

Think of it like taking a 200 mile trip. If you drive 60 miles per hour, you'll get to your destination in 3.3 hours.

If you drive 80 miles an hour, you will get to you destination in 2.5 hours.

Both P90X and Insanity look the same to me from what I've seen. Evidently, they may not be in regard to intensity.

So, I assume that P90X is tantamount to driving your car at 60 mph while Insanity is more like driving it at 80 mph.

Either way, you will get to you destination.

Kenny Croxdale

Posted: Mon Jan 10, 2011 2:58 pm
by Immortal
the way I see it, anything can work for a person if it fits your body type. If youve noticed, all the people in the vids or almost all the people went from fat looking to more cut and skinny. In my opinion, this is the perfect workout for a typical endomorph. An ectomorph, however, will probably suffer from this due to the fact that its mostly cardio based and the diet isn't enough to make them grow. A mesomorph can gain muscle and lose weight by doing anything so I assume this would work well for them. But I do believe the ectomorph will benefit the most