The Pull Up Challenge, 2011

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Re: The Pull Up Challenge, 2011

Post by Jebus » Fri Apr 01, 2011 5:03 pm

Ok, I did 7. Keep in mind I weighed 155 5 months ago, now i'm 195.

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Post by Jungledoc » Wed Feb 29, 2012 10:04 pm

Jungledoc wrote:Well, the challenge was for the month of February, but it was a short month, so keep reporting results for a few days.

Proper Knob--PR 14 narrow "semi neutral". Goal=15. Got 15 on 26 Feb!
robertscott--he's in, but hasn't reported a PR or goal
wilburburns--in, but no PR or goal yet
Jebus--will do weighted pulls, but no PR reported yet
jml--New test, PR12. Goal 13
slashnul--PR 10 pullups. Goal=11
Travis--New test, PR 12. Goal 13.
pdellorto--PR 16 chinups (I believe). Goal=17+. That is now official. 17 on 26 Feb!
robt-aus--PR 7 pullups, close grip. Goal=8. 9 Reps! Exceeds goal by 1 on 28 Feb!
Ryan A--PR 8, going for 10. Got 9, almost 10. That meets the 10% challenge!
KPj--PR 18. A 10% increase rounds up to 20! 21 reps, beating his goal by 1!
stuward--PR 10. Goal is to be able to do 10 daily for 5 days. Got 8 daily for 5 days, which is a significant improvement!
bam--7 wide grip pullups. Goal 8 Got 9 on 2 March!
jungledoc--PR 12 chinups. Goal 13. Maybe 14. I got the 13 today 1 March.
Velcropop--6 neutral grip. Goal 8.Goal reached, 20 Feb!
Rikblades--PR 10. Goal 11. Sorry, had to stop training for a couple of weeks due to an elbow injury. Get it later, Rik!
Kab3261--5 close-grip chins. Goal 7. Made 10! A 100% increase; if this were a competition, she'd be the champion!
Nkkip--Counts 15. We'll trust his counting this time! Got the 15 again, but at 4kg higher body weight!
Hoister--PR BW+50x25. Goal 27 reps! 30 on 26 Feb!
Jebus--PR 1. Goal 2. Simple, huh?
NightFall--Just got BW+75x3. Goal 6.Got BW+80x5, feels that's equivalent to the goal Going to declare a new goal
Stephen Johnson--I think he's saying that his recent best is 10, so I assume goal is 11?
Higgy--10 going for 12
Griftan PR 8 pronated, 11 supinated. Goals of 10 and 15, respectively.
Flexo--PR15. Says his goal is 25, but I'm hoping that's the goal for the year, and that he (or she) will at least get 16 or 17 before the challenge is over. Edit--Flexo re-tested his max, and hit 21. So a 10% increase would be 23, and he wants to get 25. Go for it!
Nevage--can do 24 over 4 sets (neutral grip BW). His goal is 30 in 4 sets, but I'm betting that he can get this right now by changing his approach. Tied PR, but at a highter body weight.
Johnny--New PR of 10 on 5 March!