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Post by Stephen Johnson » Wed Feb 09, 2011 11:37 pm

Jungledoc wrote:The spotter touching the bar defines a failed rep. What good does it do you if someone else lifts the bar? A spotter is there to help unrack and rerack the bar, and to be there just in case you drop it on yourself, or if you miscalculate and need help baling out. It's for safety, not help. If your spotter just helps a little, then why not just lift the weight that you can lift all by yourself? There just isn't any value in starting a rep that you can't finish with clean form.
Funny - my spotter keeps telling me that it's "all you!" :wink:

Years ago, when I trained barbell bench press, my training partner knew when to briefly pull the bar upward when I hit my sticking point during heavy work sets. Just that quick pull on the bar got me past the sticking point, which was the start of triceps lockout - he didn't do anything else except maybe help me rack the weight at the end.

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