How important is incline press?

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Post by KenDowns » Wed Feb 16, 2011 12:40 pm

Jungledoc wrote:It's not reasonable to think that you can to 3x8 of a bench variant, then jump right back into what you did fresh a couple of days ago! And 135 is hardly a warm-up for the weights you're lifting. Even many of the "big boys" start their bench warm-up with an empty bar. Try something like 10x45-5x95-3x125, and then on into your work sets. Dave Tate has an article either on EFTS or T Nation about warming up for the bench. He starts with many very light sets.
Fair enough.

I think one issue is that I'm scratching intermediate level on upper body, but still down in mid-novice for lower body. But I've set up my schedule as if I'm a beginner all across.

So I think I'll cross off the reverse grip for a few exercise days and focus on warm-ups and form on bench and press, then come back to it when those are worked out.

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