how to loose the belly fat layer

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Re: how to loose the belly fat layer

Post by Danny » Sun Jun 11, 2006 2:42 pm

Lucas wrote:what's your advise on how to shed the layer of fat on the abs so that the sixpack can be seen?

I've been doing circuit training for almost 6 months now plus 40min jogging twice a week and even though I control my diet, I can't get rid of the fat later in that place.

Thanks for the tips.

After six months is hard to keep building muscles if you're on caloric deficient diet and it's extremely hard to burn midsection fat if you're not on a caloric deficient diet. Beginners can build muscles and burn fat at the same time but after six months of training is harder

So you need to keep building muscles as they will increase your BMR and burn the fat but you also need to burn the fat by consuming less calories and doing more cardio.
The solution is small cycle: one/two weeks bulk and one/two weeks cut
Or also you can have a caloric excess for 5 days a week and a caloric deficiency for 2 days when you build muscles and a caloric deficiency for 5 days a week and a caloric excess for 2 days a week when you lose fat

It works!


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