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Abdominal Cramp

Posted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 7:45 am
by Ben83
Sorry guys, I've read a few threads on cramp, but none quite touched on my particular area of cramp...

I imagine it's not that uncommon though just wondered if the obvious reason was the right one - i.e. i need to do more of the exercise to increase muscle endurance/strength etc - diet related?

I tend to do my ab work at the end of a session - typically crunches and unweighted vertical hip raises. I'll do 40 crunches in 2 sets of 20, then roll and do 20 in 2 sets of 10 for my obliques on each side (so 20straight, 20staight, 10left, 10right, 10left, 10right). On the Vertical hip raises, i'll do say 3 sets of 8.

frequently get cramp when doing this... its normally only one ab (middle left) - the other day, it stayed for about 3-5 minutes - deep breaths etc.

Is there a particular reason I cramp on this exercise but not on others???

I don't cramp on chest, biceps, triceps, delts, gluts etc...

Thanks guys and gals! :thumbleft: