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6 Session Bench Press Periodisation Routine Results

Posted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:10 pm
by uggy
Using the programme outlined here (part 1):
I found a spreadsheet online and used it. (it is attached as a zip because the forum will not allow me to upload xls files).
My 1-RM on the bench press was 87.5 kg. I entered it and the following was generated:


I was NOT able to get all of the reps on every single one of the last sets in each session - I was always one rep shy of what was given.

The spreadsheet predicted a new 1-RM of 97.5kg (+10kg/22lbs). I was not able to achieve this.

Instead my results were:

1-RM: 87.5kg/192lbs

1-RM: 92.5kg/203lbs
+ 5kg/11lbs

Still pretty happy with the results and would definitely recommend the programme for someone who is at a bench plateau!

I benched Monday and Thursday with no other work for chest. I did do some tricep work after every workout though.