What the Chiropractor said

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What the Chiropractor said

Post by KenDowns » Tue Jan 17, 2012 12:55 pm

So I finally got to the doctor back on Friday, a chiropractor who specializes in sports rehab. The office has a miniature one-of-everything gym, including great big swiss ball and power cage. No heavy lifting there though.

So after many latin words and some chiro-gyrations, the studied opinion was that something is wrong with my shoulder. Ha ha. But more seriously, and specifically:

1) He considers it highly likely I've had a problem slowly building, not a single trauma event.

2) He believes the technique failure on bench on Dec 6 2011 probably made it much worse but was "more of the same" as opposed to some specific new injury.

3) The "messed up shoulder" amounts to general inflammation of many tissues with latin names.

4) Guess what? Ice it! I've read that 100 times, but it's a funny thing how it just doesn't occur to you, "oh, you mean me? now?" Ibuprofin is also a good idea to get the inflammation down.

5) I had a knot in either infraspinatus or superspinatus (can't remember) that he said was likely just a secondary effect of the general shoulder irritation. He made it go away with chiro-gyro-magic.

6) He said the seemingly random problems in the arm were because the inflammation in the shoulder, being a "busy intersection" was referring pain all over the place.

7) Actions: ice it (arg, which I haven't done yet, I blame the playoffs), take Ibuprofin if I feel like it, do a follow up for more soft tissue work.

8) Absolutely no bench or press until I get a clean bill of health

9) Pulling excercises involving shoulder should be fine, stop if there is discomfort. Deads and squats are fine, but for deads stop if there is discomfort.

10) He says don't stretch. Soft tissue work and ice is the answer, not stretching.

11) If these common-sense moves don't have me benching in 2 weeks, he says some imaging may be in order to see if something more serious is going on

12) Finally, for myself, I think I'll go over to the power lifting gym that just opened and get some technique advice on pressing movements, esp since he says I've probably been building this up over time, which means self-taught may not be working for me on these.

13) And finally, finally, I'll have to look again at my shoulder program and get more pulling in there. There is plenty of room in the schedule for it.
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Re: What the Chiropractor said

Post by Ironman » Tue Jan 17, 2012 7:08 pm

For shoulder pulling, rear delt rows, cable face pulls, and bent over laterals are the key. Use a shoulder width grip on pullups to keep the rear delts in the lift also. That should do the trick for you.

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