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General Questions

Post by stharrison » Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:58 pm

Hi guys, I've got a few questions that might be random and stupid but hey ho;

1. Is there a way of hitting different areas of the pectorals? Because I know alot of this is down to genetics but my pecs only seem to develop on the outside, not the inside bit? If that makes sense. Are there any exercises which may activate more fibres in the middle. And also, is there any exercises which might be causing this growth to only occur on the outsides? (Hopefully that makes sense).

2. Also, the adonis belt/sex lines/liliac fillow, primary genetics but is there anyway to develop these? Currently doing 8minute abs level 1 and using an ab roller. Heard contrasting opinions on stomach vacuums aswell?

3. I also want to get more ripped, so I want all your tips, and why? My body fat is low aswell.


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Re: General Questions

Post by robertscott » Tue Feb 07, 2012 5:13 pm

No such thing as stupid questions mate, we were all beginners once too!

1. I've heard people say you can emphasise inner/outer pecs but I've never personally been able to do it. I think just keep lifting weights and your chest'll get big enough that it doesn't matter. You could make the argument that building up the pec minor should make your outer chest stand out more, but again I doubt it'll really make that much difference. Play around with different grips when your benching, use dumbells more, experiment with different angles for cable flyes etc if you want, but I wouldn't bother.

2. Get your bodyfat lower. The ab roller will be enough to develop the muscles (it's all I use) but if your bodyfat is too high you'll never see it. I wouldn't bother with abdominal vacuums. It's an old school bodybuilding pose that some people use as an exercise but I've never seen the point. I can do a wicked abdominal vacuum despite having never, ever trained it.

Also, make sure your form is good when using the ab roller. Doing it with poor form will completely ruin the effort.

3. Eat better, lift weights, and sprint. All there is to it really.

hope that helps

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