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Bench Press & Deadlift Finnish Championship Meet

Posted: Wed Mar 07, 2012 1:33 pm
by Dub
Nothing to discuss really, I just thought I would share my experiences since this was the first powerlifting "meet" I have ever watched. No, I didn't participate, and wouldn't stand a change in there, but I just wanted to show where the weightlifting scene is here in Finland.

The name of the Game was Finnish Championship 2012, the lifts were Deadlift and Bench Press. The meet was hosted by Finnish Powerlifting Organisation It was an open competition, and there were around 20-25 contestants, some of them in the Junior and Master classes, I'm not sure what age range that makes. Every type of lifter however.

The contest was held at a nightclub here in Rovaniemi, Finland. I think it was well put, the lifters lifted on a stage, and music was rambling some hard rock quite heavily. There were quite a lot of audience too, the tickets were only 5e, so no problem there. Still, more people came to watch than I expected. Most of them were bodybuilders and weigth/powerlifters too. I liked the event, it was clearly and well set and organized. The event lasted about three hours, maybe a bit more.

A bit more detailed info about the contestants. The weight classes were from under 70kg to over 140kg. There was one guy who weighted 67kg, and he ended benching 167,5kg. He also deadlifted 210kg. Needless to say, I was impressed. In the contest were alot of big named guys also, many of the holding or former holders of Finnish National Records in Squat, Deadlift and Bench. There were also some former World and European Champions. Namely I must mention Jonne Illikainen, who was the only raw deadlifter in the contest, and he pulled 380kg! He failed 400kg, which would have been Finnish National Record.

The results in Bench varied from 140kg to 320kg, and Deadlift results were between 210kg and 380kg.
Here are the results in some sort of form, if anyones interested. It's a mess, but if you can read that kind of stuff, it shouldn't be impossible to figure: ... egory_id=0" onclick=";return false;

Here are also some pictures taken from the event: ... ut%202012/" onclick=";return false;

Photos credited to Teppo Seppä.