"Low Volume" training and body weight/abs exercises.

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"Low Volume" training and body weight/abs exercises.

Post by rubio81 » Wed Sep 26, 2012 11:14 pm

Hey there!

I started going to gym few months ago and I am currently on a "low volume" 2-day split workout routine.
I kinda like low volume training as I am getting good results by doing 9/10 different exercises a day while minimizing overtraining and injuries, just as I read in the relative ExRx section.

If I got it right, low volume training consists of doing 1 warmup set and 1 workout set for every exercise. I try to work all my way up to 12 reps with my maximum weight, then I increase the weight by 5/10% the next time I will redo the exercise, if comfortable with it.

The procedure is straightforward when dumbbells, barbells or levers are involved. However, now I want to change my routine and include free weight exercises, such as dips, pull-ups, chin-ups and the like. How should I behave with these exercises according to "low volume" guidelines, if any for these cases? Do as many reps as I can? More sets? Add some weight somehow?

Besides, I think I have lost most of my fat already and I am willing to start working my abs now. Here again, how should I behave?

Thanks, I know the question could be silly but I am just a beginner :study: .


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Re: "Low Volume" training and body weight/abs exercises.

Post by robertscott » Thu Sep 27, 2012 6:02 am

with bodyweight training such as dips you can either just go for an all out set of as many reps as you can do (really push yourself on this), or you can add weight in the form of dumbells or weight plates strapped to yourself.

Either would work, it really depends on your strength level. If you are not strong enough to add any appreciable weight to bodyweight stuff then don't bother, just go for reps

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