How I convinced a girl to train

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How I convinced a girl to train

Post by robertscott » Tue Mar 26, 2013 8:10 am

So we all know that there can be a bit of resistance (pun intended) when trying to convince ladygirls that weight training can be beneficial, both from a health and physique point of view. They will recoil in horror at the suggestion, thinking it will make them "too big" or they'll say they don't want "man muscle."

So if any of you have managed to get a girl to try, and stick to, a resistance training routine, how did you do it?

And we don't have to limit the discussion to spouses, girlfriends etc., it could be a friend, relative, co-worker, whatever.

I'll go first (I hope the mrs doesn't mind me posting this...):

When I met the poor soul who is now my fiancée, she was very underweight. So much so that there's a tv show on in the UK called "Supersize vs Superskinny" where they pair up a really thin person with an obese person to compare lifestyles, and she actually had a lower BMI than many of the superskinnys. So yeah, pretty thin.

She also ate very low protein and fat, and did a lot of cardio. As we all know this is a recipe for long term health issue in skinny women.

How I convinced her:

-She had mentioned that a part of her body she was unhappy with was her upper back, she didn't like how skinny it looked and didn't like how her shoulder blades stuck out. I explained how if she strengthened her upper back it would stop her scapula winging, and by adding some muscle there it wouldn't be so skinny looking.

-she mentioned how in her teens she had been overweight (in her eyes at least, I've seen pictures, she really wasn't), so I explained to her about how strength training will help insulin sensitivity and increase metabolism which would ensure she stayed at a healthy weight.

-I explained the myriad of benefits of a high protein diet, emphasising how your body doesn't really convert protein to fat (I know it can in the right circumstances, shut up), so the high protein diet that would accompany weight training was a good thing. I kept the diet recommendations fairly simple, just saying to get 100g or so of protein a day.

In the end though, the thing that swayed it was basically just me saying "try it once and if you don't like it, you don't have to do it again."

So she did, and she did.

Having said that, I think another important factor was the routine I gave her. It was very basic:

dumbell bench/row superset
step ups
pulldowns/OHP superset

and that was it. It's important to note the lack of squat. I got her to try a bodyweight squat and it was so terrible I didn't know where to start, so instead of making her try I just put in lunges instead. I am convinced that if I'd spent an hour doing mobility work and crap like that to get her squatting properly she'd have hated it and wouldn't ever have gone back. This way I just got her lifting. In the end, it took an afternoon with KPj to get her squatting like a champ.

So that was that. Anyone else had similar experiences?

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Re: How I convinced a girl to train

Post by hoosegow » Tue Mar 26, 2013 3:56 pm

Pics or it didn't happen
Thanks TimD.

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