Shredding For Photoshoot - Advice and Recommendations

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Shredding For Photoshoot - Advice and Recommendations

Post by TapperDD » Wed Oct 16, 2013 7:05 pm

I'm going to be setting up a photoshoot in 2 to 3 weeks, and I need to be as shredded, lean, and dry as possible. This is my first time cutting for muscle definition (as opposed to just draining water weight for MMA) so I am working my hardest to achieve the best results. This will be a very important shoot, so I NEED the best results. I'm going to list my daily grind below, please let me know if I'm forgetting something or if I need to change something. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I need help to achieve a dry, lean, vascular, super-defined look with good muscle separation. What would you do differently to focus on these key factors? Any tips for the week of/day of the shoot? Any dietary adjustments I should make?

Thank you all!

Water: 2 gallons a day. I plan to drop down to 1 gallon 3 days before the shoot, 1/2 gallon the day before, and then almost none the day of.

Diet and Supplements:

- Thermogenic Fat Burner (Synedrex)
- Meal 1: Egg Whites w/ Macro Greens powder [25g protein] (Multi-Vitamin)
- Meal 2: Salmon [25g protein]
- 30 minutes later (L-Carnitine 1,100mg)
- Meal 3: Salmon [25g protein] (Tri-Flex) (Potassium 400mg)
- C4 Pre-workout
- BCAA/Glutamine (Scivation Xtend During workout)
- Shake: 50g Isopure Protein w/ Macro Greens powder
- Meal 4: 96% Lean Ground Beef w/ salad [25g protein] (Tri-Flex)
- Meal 5: Salmon w/ Broccoli [25g protein] (Potassium 400mg)
- 30 minutes later (L-Carnitine 1,100mg)
- Meal 6: Egg Whites w/ Macro Greens powder [25g protein]
- Shake: 25g Isopure Protein
Between Meal Snack: Raw Almonds

(My custom HIIT workout)
- Treadmil: 3 min warm-up; 1 min sprint; 1 min run
- Seated Row Low Bicep Pull + Medium Shoulder Pull + High Delt Pull
[Repeat 4x. Last set till failure)
- Repeat Treadmil
- Dumbell Deadlift to Shoulder Press + Dumbell Squat/Biecp curl to Standing Bent Over Row
- Repeat Treadmil
- Bench Press + Medicine Ball Pushups + Incline Close-Grip Pushup Throws
- Repeat Treadmil
- Wide-grip Lat Pulldown + Pulldown Behind Neck
- Repeat Treadmil
- Tricep Dips + Chest-Centric Dips
- Jumping Squats + Knee/Feet-Together Squats + Standing Dumbell Calf/Shoulder Raises
- Ab Decline Bench Crunch + Sideways Crunch + Hold-Leg-Extension Crunch
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Re: Shredding For Photoshoot - Advice and Recommendations

Post by Jungledoc » Wed Oct 23, 2013 7:37 am

You say that this is DAILY?

I don't know where to start. This is wrong on so many levels.

2 gallons of water a day is flat-out dangerous.

Your diet has no fat. You need fat. Your diet is no more than about half food. Your diet should be nearly all food.

I wouldn't worry about the photo shoot. You may not be alive that long.
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