Lying Overhead Dumbbell Extensions - Muscle Engagement

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Lying Overhead Dumbbell Extensions - Muscle Engagement

Post by DumbbellMonkey » Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:08 am

Lying Overhead Dumbbell Extension is always listed as a chest exercise. I notice that it really seems to work part of my triceps (the long head?) much, much more than it works my chest.

Could this be because my pecs are relatively stronger than the long head of my triceps? And so that muscle is just doing catch up at the moment? (I've always done triceps as part of my various routines over the years.)

Or is there something wrong with my form? (scapular rotation?) And if so, how could I correct it?
Or is there something going on I haven't considered?

NB I am doing HIT training, so it's a far heavier weight than I would use if I were trying to have strength for 3 sets.
The results I'm getting are excellent, but I worry that if this exercise is so good for my triceps, why isn't it good for everyone's triceps?

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Re: Lying Overhead Dumbbell Extensions - Muscle Engagement

Post by robertscott » Sun Mar 16, 2014 9:29 am

the dumbell pullover is a chest exercise (apparently, I've never gotten a lot out of them), but the minute you add an extension component it becomes a triceps exercise. To target your chest you keep the arms straight throughout. For triceps, you bend your arms at the bottom and straighten them at the top.

Google "PJR Pullovers" compared to "dumbell pullovers" and you'll see the difference I'm referring to.

You're right though, a pullover/extension hybrid (PJR Pullover) absolutely hammers the long head of the triceps and is one of the best upper arm exercises around.

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