Squats enough for inseason stimulus for legs?

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Re: Squats enough for inseason stimulus for legs?

Post by SmokeWillow » Sun May 04, 2014 10:38 pm

Drake Van Steed wrote:You may want to avoid working hamstrings too hard in season because they can get very sore, which could decrease performance. That's especially true with romanian deadlifts, which stress the ligaments under tension , causing extreme soreness that can last several days. Not to mention deadlifts are more strenuous for your back and central nervous system. U have to ask yourself if they are worth the risk to your back and worth the risk of depleting your recovery ability while you're trying to play a sport. You might comsider playing it safe with low volume training in season and just throw in a set or two of leg curls once a week if youre concerned about detraining.
Solid advice.

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