Feedback for changing from split to full body workout

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Feedback for changing from split to full body workout

Post by joneiljack » Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:24 pm

Hi! Exrx has been a guide for many years for me, because I was always drawn to the science aspect of working out. Long story short, the reason for my post is to get feedback on my workout plan that I have made myself.

Some background: I'm 27 years old, 83KG, 5'8", 12% body fat. Throughout my life I have been working out on and off, mainly focusing on powerlifting lifts. Last year I didn't work out at all. My goals are: to stay in shape, have a good strong body and reach squat 2xbw, bench press 1.5btw, and deadlift 2.5xbw. But this is just a long term goal, as in not to slack on these lifts. I don't necessarily want to reach these stats anytime soon. All I want is to be efficient, especially time efficient. I've started working out again for the past 4 months following this workout plan: (All the workout plans below include 1 warm-up set with 2 minute rest between sets and each set 8-12 reps)
Day 1
Full Squat x 4 sets
Calf Raise x 4 sets
Day 2
Dumbbell bench press x 4 sets
Military press x 4 sets
Day 3 - cardio 30 minutes
Day 4
Deadlift x 4 sets
Decline bench sit-up x 4 sets
Day 5 - cardio 30 minutes
Day 6
Pullup/Pulldown x 4 sets
Upright Row x 4 sets

Each workout took me 30minutes, (15 minute per exercise).

I know I made a mistake for doing splits when I was just starting out again after a long break. The second mistake is that because I don't plan on being an athlete, I should've done just 1 warmup set and 1 workout set. I read a lot on full body workouts and I decided that it's best suited for me because I value time efficiency.

Here's what I changed my program into:
(1 warmup set with 50% weight and 1 workout set of 8-12 reps, with 2 min rest in between sets and 5 min in between exercises - because it takes long to move to a different part of the gym, put weights back and the equipment might be taken, have to wait, etc.)
Workout A
Full Squat (135 lbs)
Stiff Leg Straight Back Deadlift (with bar only, more like a hamstring stretch)
Dumbell Bench Press (45s dumbbells)
Pullup/Pulldown (135lbs)
Upright Row (45lbs)
Crunch (w/ 50lb dumbbell)

Workout B
Deadlift (155lbs)
Good-Morning (with bar only, more like a hamstring stretch)
Barbell Bench Press (135 lbs) or Dip with bodyweight
Chinup or Cable Seated Row (135 lbs)
Lateral Deltoid Raise (20's lbs dumbbells)
Decline Situp (45 plate)

Total workout time for each program, around 45-min to 1h.

So this is the plan I made for myself and I would work only on Monday (Workout A) and Thursday (Workout B). This is as time efficient as I could get it to be because it takes time to go to the gym, prepare for it, etc. In the rest days I would do cardio outside. However, the problem is, I tried it for the past 2-3 weeks, and I feel overtrained (in a Central Nervous System way, not necessarily muscular). I also walked 3h per day on all days, therefore I am asking you guys:
1. Is my full body workout made well? In terms of time efficiency, targeted muscles, etc.
2. Is it my workout that might be causing my overtraining or am I just not used to it? Can my workout cause CNS overload?
3. Should I just do the basic exercises first and cut down on the auxiliary ones?
4. When doing Squats and Deadlifts, hamstrings are not synergists, so do you need to work hamstrings as well in order to maintain joint integrity and balance?
5. Can you recommend me / Is there a more time efficient / workout plan that involves squats, deadlift, bench? (but still maintains joint balance, etc.)
6. Are full body workouts, in the same fashion mine is, hard on the CNS when the weights get heavier?

Any feedback appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: I forgot to mention: I plan on working out naturally, not synthetically.

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Re: Feedback for changing from split to full body workout

Post by robertscott » Thu Jun 05, 2014 8:24 pm

if you are 27 years old and overtraining on that routine you need to go to a doctor.

I swear nobody would ever think they were overtraining if the internet didn't exist.

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Re: Feedback for changing from split to full body workout

Post by SmokeWillow » Fri Jun 06, 2014 1:33 am

It sounds to me like you aren't eating enough as in taking in enough carbs, fats, and proteins in the correct ratios.

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