Feedback on 3day split

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Feedback on 3day split

Post by wildcard88 » Tue Sep 29, 2015 5:23 pm

Hi all--would love some feedback on a 3 day split I have been doing. I just switched over from a 2 day split, 2x a week. I am hoping to this 3day split using a 9 day week.

Squat (4 sets):275x2 (1 RM is 290); 225x 5 ; 185x 8 ; 135 x 10 OR Deadlift: 365/1; 315/3; 225/8; 135/15
Good Mornings: 45/10; 65/10
Leg curl (2 sets: machine):150x10; 75 AMRAP
Leg ext: (2 sets: machine):180x10; 100 AMRAP
Kettle bell: 35lbs: AMRAP, 3 sets
Hip Adduct: 130/10
Hip Abduct: 130/10

Bench (4 sets):235x3 (1RM is 260); 185 x 8; 135 x 12; 95 slow motion until I tire out
Dumbell Press (4 sets):70 x 3; 45/7; 30x 8; 15 x 10
Flies (Machine 2 sets):100x 10; 50 AMRAP
Shoulder front raise and lateral raise 15x15
Decline Pushups: AMRAP

Wednesday (Pull)
Pullups: 3 sets of AMRAP
Curls: 45/3; 30/7; 20/7; 15/10
Row (machine): 180/2; 135/7; 100/12
Shrugs: 95/10; 55/20

Other important notes:
I run to the gym (about 7-8 minutes, about a mile away) and back from the gym (so 2 miles total).
I have been lifting consistently for years. I am lifting for maintainence, I do not need to get bigger. I am lifting to maintain my body composition.
I am 5'11"; 27 years old, 195 lbs, probably 15-20% BF.
the goal is XXXRXXXRR X- workout, R rest. In reality, it isn't as strict as this...I workout when I have the time. but usually at least one full split a week. 2 is nice if I can do it.
I give between 30 and 60 seconds rest between sets.
I eat a protein bar or sandwich before and after I workout (25 grams of protein before and after with carbs).


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Re: Feedback on 3day split

Post by wes » Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:47 pm

If you've been lifting for several years, I can't imagine anyone more uniquely qualified to design your own workout routine than yourself.

That said, I had to look up the Hip Adduct and Hip Abduct exercises. The first two "Hip adductor machine" search results returned "Dangerous Exercises - Machines You Should Never Use..." and "Fix Your Form: It's Time To Stop Using The Hip Abductor...". I did not read the articles, and offer no comment about the validity of the headlines, but thought you should know.

Also, I don't think you need a protein bar or sandwich right after your workout if you've had one right before. I don't think protein passes through the system that quickly.

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Re: Feedback on 3day split

Post by EatBig » Fri Oct 02, 2015 4:12 pm

About the hip machines - just don't want to be maxing out on those.

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Re: Feedback on 3day split

Post by Jeannay » Sun Oct 11, 2015 1:50 pm

great split!, personally i would add some triceps extension on pull or push day and maybe a rear delt exercise on pull day

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