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Trying to identify three exercises

Posted: Tue Apr 12, 2016 12:25 pm
by cheater
Hi guys,
It's my first post here so let me know if I'm doing something wrong! I hope this is the right forum to ask. I've been using exrx to plan my exercise for a long time now and it's been great. I use it daily and recommend it to everyone.

I've been playing around with dumbbells and I've found a few exercises I couldn't really identify. I was wondering if someone could help me figure the names of these, so that I could read up on what muscle they exercise exactly and how to perform them according to form.

1. This one starts with me slightly leaned forward. I hold two dumbbells parallel to each other in front of my stomach, kind of like at the beginning of the Dumbbell Lateral Raise (I'd post a link or image but I can't. It's on exrx).

Then, I make a circular lateral motion around the outside and end up with both dumbbells above my head, touching by the sides, like at the end of a Dumbbell Shoulder Press (again, can't post a link...)

While performing the raise, i lean back a little so at the top of the exercise I'm standing straight. Finally I follow back through the same path to return to the starting position.

This seems to be great for the trapezius and the rotator cuff both of which are problem spots for me.

2. start with the dumbbells by your sides and rotate them outwards all the way until they're parallel again or as far as that motion goes. This is your starting position. Then raise the weights up to your shoulders as if you were exercising the bicep. This one seems to be really good for the rhomboid major and rotator cuff. I believe this exercise can be dangerous if you use weights that are too heavy for you, but bicep strength should limit you to small sizes. This is not a bicep exercise.

3. This one is pretty much like the dumbbell snatch, except I don't jump up at the end. The feet stay planted on the floor. I start with the dumbbell seated between my legs and i move it all the way up in one smooth motion, there is no rest inbetween. This has been part of my weekly routine for a year now and it's great for overall back strength and posture.

I am looking for names to google for, reading material, your own thoughts on those exercises or experiences, anything really. Are there exercise databases similar to exrx? This is the only one I know, really. Any help would be very appreciated :) thanks!

Re: Trying to identify three exercises

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 8:59 am
by stuward
ExRx doesn't have every exercise out there and some specialized and combination exercises are certainly missing. Are those exercises you made up or did you learn them from somebody?

Re: Trying to identify three exercises

Posted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:05 am
by cheater
Hi Stu, thanks for your reply. Honestly I'm not sure :scratch: #1 i probably saw someone doing at some point, but it's a fairly simple motion. #2 I probably made up myself. #3 is close enough to what's in exrx, but when I first started using it I already knew it, don't know where. After all it's just, pick up a dumbbell and raise it as high as you can, a very simple motion, so maybe I made it up on the spot. I don't know. :con: