Best General Program for My Situation

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Best General Program for My Situation

Post by sbex » Wed Oct 05, 2016 8:01 am

Just putting out a request for recommendations. I have read many of the stickies on here that were recommended before posting. I have read many articles, comments, etc. about programs, and hope that I'm not offending anyone with this request.

My general situation: I'm 40. I used to lift religiously, mostly following other's programs (general programs on exrx website, books, other sites, etc.). I had many successful years, and have no issues with the programs I was using. Good amount of change. Monitoring my body's response to different programs, etc.

However, over the last 5-10 years, I have developed some arthritis issues in my back (MRI results), and I am prone to back injuries any time I start lifting heavy. I went several years without any weight training - I shifted to body weight programs, etc.

I started weight training again over the past 6-8 months. I feel good, but my back can't handle the weights associated with the lower rep ranges. Most programs that I find are taking me into the lower rep ranges / higher weights.

I don't want to get bigger. I want to maintain my muscle size. My arms and back are already too big (for some reason, these two areas were always easy for me). I want to use weight training as an efficient way to manage weight and overall body wellness.

Here is a sample program that I would like to do. 3-4 exercises a day.

Day 1
Deadlifts, Rows, Pullups

Day 2
Bench, Shoulder Press, Dips (or incline bench)

Day 3
Squats, Hams (lunges), Calves

I like the 3 day split. I like compound exercises the most. I love deadlifts.

So... my question(s) are:

What can I do in the higher rep ranges, and what kind of periodization might I do?

I don't want to go below a 10RM type of weight. I enjoy high intensity programs. My main goal is weight loss.

I have seen programs that do things like lifting at 15 RM and doing as many 10 reps sets as possible (supersetting, etc, etc.). Or I could do 4 x 10-12 and 3 x 15-20 for changing it up. I could do dumbell only programs. I've seen some that use one set of dumbells (same weight), and crank through all exercises as a circuit.

Would love to hear recommendations and comments.

Thank you!

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Re: Best General Program for My Situation

Post by Kubensis » Fri Apr 28, 2017 2:05 pm

Learn to use prilepins chart

you could do about 60% and do like 4x6 for your lifts

and on deadlift you could do like 75% 2x6 same with the squat.

Not sure how well it would work, i put the workload low on the heavy lifts since you said your back hurts. it might be enough to maintain strength.

If you're doing low intensity like this i don't think you need any periodization, just do an aba format so like

Bench monday overhead press weds bench friday

then overhead press bench overheadpress

so basically the format of greyskull lp.

you could add amrep sets for some periodization i guess but you're already doing high volume. maybe make amrep 1 time a week for strength gains, on every friday.

Workout a
Bench press 4x6 60% 1 rep max

Squats 2x6 75% 1 rep max

Hammer curls 2x12 to prevent pain from tricep exercises

Calves 3x12

Shrugs 3x8 or switch for heavier power shrugs 3x5

chinups throughout the day

Depending on how strong you are with them split them into like 6 workouts throughout the day of 2x3 chinups

So you do
hour 1 2x3

hour 3 2x3

hour 5 2x3 etc

Workout b
overhead press 4x6 60% 1 rep max

Front squats: 2x6 75% 1 rep max

Deadlifts 2x6 75% 1 rep max

Chinups frequency

calves 3x12



Every friday you do amrap sets, meaning you do as many as possible at the very last set. So say im doing 3x5, i do 2x5, then i do 1x5+ as many as i can.

Every week go up 2.5lbs on all of your lifts, i doubt you want to progress much so 2.5lbs on lower body is reasonable. i do 5-10 personally.

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