What is bootylicious?

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What is bootylicious?

Post by theodore » Thu Nov 22, 2018 3:28 am

Can't figure out that bootylicious crap.
Here is a topic that tim suggested gets moved to the lounge.

My personal view on the subject is that it's pretty gross to think about to a degree. There is fetishes for everything out there (furry costumes, guys in diapers, etc), I firmly believe that there are people out there who find huge fat @$$es to be turn on, they would love to bath in all the cattage cheese on their legs (eww!). Someone out there would call that bootylicious while others would refer to some chick who has a larger @$$ but its on the body of someone who weighs 120 instead of 320 and has just the right shape to it as bootylicious.

I'm not into all of that, some substance but not so much that things can get lost in there...

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