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I have a question

Posted: Tue Oct 21, 2008 11:36 pm
by ironmaiden708
I had a customer come into my GNC and bought cod liver oil. Well the serving size on that is 1 teaspon. He daily takes 4 fl oz of it. Per serving there is roughly 5000 IU of vitamin a. I did the conversions and he is having 24 servings of that in a day (1 teaspoon = 1/6 fl oz). That means on a daily basis he is having 120000 IU of vitamin A a day. Toxicity is rated at 25000 IU or more per day for an extended period of time.

Can anyone explain how this guy is accually still alive?

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 9:24 am
by Jungledoc
Wow. I agree that you'd expect him to be pretty sick. I have no idea why he isn't, if he is really taking as much as he told you.

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:05 am
by Rik-Blades
Well, if his gut is absorbing it all (which it most likely isn't), it probably tells you something about the product.

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 10:32 am
by stuward
He probably thinks it's a cheap source of fish oil. I've heard of people taking that volume of olive oil or fish oil (although I think it's excessive). Vitamin A from Cod Liver Oil is not as bad as taking it in a pill. ... tions.html

Does your brand have natural Vitamins or synthetic? That makes a big difference.

Posted: Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:51 pm
by ironmaiden708 ... age=family

Thats it right there, it seems its naturally inside the oil. Alright so it is 4600 IU that still comes out to be 110400 IU which is still an extreme amount.