Barak - expectations revisited

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Re: Barak - expectations revisited

Post by JasonJones » Wed Jul 04, 2012 11:21 pm

Oscar_Actuary wrote:We may have to take your kids.
The reported average cost of a single child in foster care is over $25 000/year. There are already over 100 000 kids waiting to be adopted. Federal and state spending on the foster system is roughly $9 billion annually. Kids who get too old for foster care eligibility disproportionately become criminals (80% arrest rate). It costs about $30 000 per inmate annually. Doesn't seem like a good return on investment.

We currently rank higher in economic freedom than the US, with lower crime rates, better access to healthcare and a longer life expectancy (a lot of this is thanks to the current Conservative government) so it seems that socialism is currently working better; I get more services and have more money in my pocket. That's really all I'm interested in, and why I think government programs or "socialism" is at times the better solution. Obviously I'm simplifying a great deal, but there are times where the math really does work out in the favour of government programs.

(I'd love to see more kids taken away from unfit parents, though.)

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Re: Barak - expectations revisited

Post by hoosegow » Sat Jul 07, 2012 7:21 am

My only objection was painting with broad strokes. Both sides do it and it is distasteful. It boils down to philosophical name calling. You are one of the few that actually has very good points (though frequently misguided :) that doesn't need to resort to this.

Sorry about the Al Sharpton comment - was designed to ruffle your feathers (worked, he he). And yah, you are way smarter than Al.

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