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A chat with the average gym-goer

Posted: Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:26 am
by IceDane
15:18 <IceDane> But being mildly sore is awesome
15:18 <IceDane> Makes you feel big
15:19 <IceDane> Especially in the chest, quads and back, hehe
15:19 <function> yeah, i tend to mainly work on my chest/biceps/triceps
15:19 <function> as i ride to the gym, and try and ride wherever i can atm
15:19 <function> so i can conentrate more on weights
15:20 <IceDane> Lol
15:20 <IceDane> You don't get stronger legs biking around, just fyi
15:20 <IceDane> If you ain't squatting, you ain't working out
15:20 <IceDane> EOD.
15:20 <IceDane> but to each his own
I'm considering dropping the squat for the treadmill or the bike as well myself. [/quote]