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The Strongest Shall Survive-Strength Training for Football

Posted: Sat May 31, 2008 11:52 am
by TimD
OK, been hearing a lot of buzz about starting strength, etc. Definately a good book, and concept, geared to strength for sports, PL, etc. Although bill Starr sure didn't invent this method, he is /was one of the first to promote it so heavily. This book is definately recommended reading. Focuses on what he calls the big 3 push, pull, and squat, and in his line of thinking, that is the BP, SQ, and PowerClean. Unlike Starting Strength, it does give pretty good descriptions of how to use the heavy/medium/light mini peridiozation done weekly, not only in terms of loading, but using different exercises. For xample, and H,M,L for push day would look like this, H-BP, M-Incline Pr, L-MP or PushPress. The H,M,L in this case are determined by total loading weights used for the exercises.. There are a lot of other books around along the same lines, some of which I can't even remember the author's names,or titles. Garhammer, for instance, has a great book out on similar lines. While each of these may have various small differences, the main message is the same.