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Fat Loss 4 Idiots Questions...

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:16 pm
by DeborahD
Has anyone read here ever read a Fat Loss 4 Idiots review? I'm looking for second (and third, fourth, and fifth) opinions. I've tried a ton of diets and they either simply don't work for me or I fall off the wagon.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots seems to teach people how to make better choices for their own bodies. I like that they recognize that each person is different and may react differently to certain foods. Has anyone tried this diet and, if so, what did you think?


Re: Fat Loss 4 Idiots Questions...

Posted: Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:36 pm
by nygmen
DeborahD wrote:I've tried a ton of diets and they either simply don't work for me or I fall off the wagon.
That is your problem…

Diets don't work. (At least not long term.)

A good diet will. There is a difference. (Mixing in exercise can't hurt either.)

Spend a Sunday afternoon doing some nutritional research, write up a few days worth of meals and supplements and post it here. The people here are great, and seem to enjoy helping everyone. (Especially those that are serious enough to do some of the work themselves.)

The problem often is determination, focus & patience. (Price can be a factor, but can also be worked around.) Nothing good for you happens dramatically, it takes time and effort. One cheat meal is just that, one "cheat." Just don't cheat more than once a week, or if you can, twice a month. In six months, most cheat meals will make you feel awful and you won't want them anymore. (Pizza can never make you feel awful BTW. :green: )

You can do it. Just have to honestly decide it's time for you to be real with yourself.

Posted: Tue Sep 16, 2008 6:22 am
by stuward
Fat Loss 4 idiots is one of the more popular e-books out there on fat loss. I haven't read it, however, all successful fat loss programs have some things in common:

Sugar and grain addiction has to be addressed.
There has to be adequate protein.
Good fats need to be included.
Refeeds need to be built into the program.
The fat loss program needs to include resistance training and should not rely on excessive cardio.

I beleive if you have all those factors covered in your program, you will be lose fat, you will feel healthier and you will have no trouble staying with the program, and you will build habits you can live with for a lifetime. If you are missing any of these factors, you will fail.

I wouldn't suggest that you not read the book, as all reading is useful, however, you may be better off to visit your library and check out what's there fo free. There is a book list on this forum somewhere. Books I've read that I have found helpfual are:

"The Metabolic Advantage" - Berardi
"TNT Diet" - Volek
"Paleo Diet" - Cordain
"The No-Grain Diet" Mercola
Also visit these sites:


Posted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 11:16 pm
by transontung90
hmm its seems interesting , i have to read thsi book , thanks for review

Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2010 5:36 pm
by Ironman
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Posted: Fri Sep 24, 2010 10:02 pm
by Nevage
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