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Post by Christina » Fri Feb 24, 2006 9:01 pm

I have had 2 children, 1 naturally and 1 c-section. I am losing weight, however I am trying to tone up the "pooch" that I have now due to pregnancy. I am in an area where there are no gyms or personal trainers and I need help. I want to have the tummy I had 10 years ago. I am requesting advice and possibly a routine to do so that I am successful.



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In Memoriam: TimD
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Post by TimD » Sun Feb 26, 2006 11:02 am

Hi Christine. Thought maybe one of the gals would jump in here. As far as the "pooch" goes, well, as I'm sure you're obviously aware of, it can't be targeted. As far as clubs/ personal trainer's, etc go, well they might be nice, but not necessary. One of the gals on another board I used to read had the same thing going on, and went out and got herself a pair of adjustable DB's (you can probably find extra plates and or handles at a garage sale someplace and get them cheap). Just start with a simple beginner's program (see the site here-it will link you to their templates), but an example would be DB squat, DB standing press, DB row, DB swing, pushups or DB floor press (or bench press if you have a picnic sitting bench), and maybe some chins. I would do them in a circuit, one after the other. Do one set each, Use minimal rest between exercises. Then rest a few minutes to catch your breath, and repeat the circuit a couple of times. Finish off with some abdominal exercises , a couple of setsThis will hit your whole body, and since you're doing most of it on your feet, it will have a great transfer effect to your core (trunk). Something else this gal used to do was to take walks with her toddlers, and carry them on her shoulders, and also used to use them as weights with the swings. They apparently thought it was fun. She'd have them sit on the floor, bend / squat down, hook them under their arms, and whip them up onto a counter.
Hope this helps and gives you a few ideas.
Good training

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Post by dian in spokane » Mon Feb 27, 2006 11:23 am

Tim! I was sure I HAD posted a reply to Christine, but..obviously it never came through.

I'm sorry Christine!

Anyway, Tim's given you good advice, as far as working out.

I wouldn't want to discourage you, because I know plenty of young mothers who are in FANTASTIC shape. But it doesn't happen easily.
When you see how 'celebrities' seem to bounce back from childbirth and are being photographed in bikinis a few months after childbirth, it gives you the idea that it's something we can all do..but it's not. Remember what they have in the way of resources!

Some of us NEVER get rid of that 'pooch', and I talk to women on the web all the time who are hardcore about their workouts, and still fight with that little extra around the belly. And the older one gets, the tougher it can be.

A woman's body changes after childbirth, and that's natural. It's good to be able to look at your own body and recognise that these are badges of honor.

Having said that, <g> patience is the key. Watching your diet scrupulously, losing any excess fat, and working hard on your core and your abs will help you. Add in ab work that will target your lower abs, like, hanging leg lifts, or, if that's not feasible, lying leg lifts.

But while you are striving for that tummy you had 10 yrs ago, remember all the other things you have GAINED in the last 10 years. In another 10 yrs, your body will have other surprises for you.

I'm 52, almost 53, and I'll testify that LIFE leaves it's marks on you. So, while it's rigtht to keep yourself in shape, and exercise for health, the only way to stop the march of time is to die young...and that's no fun. Aging gracefully has it's own merits.

Just keep up with your work to lose weight..walking, or running, doing bodyweight exercises, like tim suggests, dance, with a child in your arms<g>. Eventually, if you stay on the course you are on, you'll lose fat and gain muscle. And..although it's almost impossible to do with two kids, try to get SLEEP.

Avoid the temptation to buy a bunch of gadgets you might see on the infomercials. Your best purchase for the buck would be, as tim suggested, some dumbells.

Good luck Christina, and post again if you have more questions.

dian in spokane



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