Muscle gains for 35 years and up

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Height weight charts are for untrained people. That is why I said *BEFORE* weight training. I was trying to give an example anyway. Now of course they are useless. I have more then 200 lbs of lean body mass now. However the point still stands 150 is light for 6'. At 5' 11" I have never been that light.


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The jury is out on the issue of whether extreme muscularity increases, decreases or has no relevence to longevity. The verdict will be delivered as the current crop of bodybuilders reaches middle age and beyond.

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Guest above was me


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Natural guys are in pretty good shape. Look at Jack Lalanne for example. He is in his 90's and is still pretty active. The current crop of bodybuilders are a very poor group to judge, at least the pros. Like I mentioned before they take steroids and human growth hormone and various other things. They also have a rapidly shifting body fat level. They also cut down to their essential fat level for contests. I would be surprised if any of them make it to 50.



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